I’ve spent years in countless studios across LA and have never had an experience as great as working with Doug. He’s an absolute professional, who is absolutely dedicated to making his clients extremely happy, and to producing recordings of the highest quality. Every time I work with Doug its an absolute pleasure, and I am always extremely happy with the final product. I look forward to working with Doug many times in the future.
— Nathan P.
I’ve been playing and recording for twenty years and Doug Grean has the best mixes and best tracking by far! My band worked with him on a single release and loved it so much that we recorded an entire album with him! Doug comes highly recommended and I say this with great pride and satisfaction in the work that he has done with us. I wouldn’t trade my experience with him for the anything!
— Micky E.
I have worked with Doug during the making of two recordings, both in very different genres (One in the hard rock/metal genre, and one in the blues/americana genre), and he excelled in both cases. His experience and know-how are priceless and make the sessions run smoothly and efficiently. He takes a classic, organic, approach to recording while still being on the cutting edge of recording technology. The fact that he is also an excellent and experienced musician himself adds to the experience giving him deeper insight into the creative process of making records. I would recommend Doug to anyone who is serious about making a great sounding, professional, recording!
— Brett C.
I have known Doug about two years now. He tracked and mixed a record I played on. He’s one of the good ones and a real work horse. One of his particularly stellar talents is knowing when to let things happen naturally and when to really get in there and facilitate the kind of environment that will make things happen. He is extremely knowledgeable and a gifted musician as well. I feel blessed to have been able to work with him.
— Joseph C.
Working with Doug was a great and professional experience from start to finish on my new full length record. His years of expertise as a producer and engineer coupled with his many years of musical skill and performance makes for a well rounded ear and viewpoint. He is quick with tracking and knows how to get the sounds he wants efficiently and really works hard to get what YOU want out of the record not just want he wants. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great recording experience.
— Brian M.
Getting the most not only out of your songs but yourself in the studio is key to recording and breathing life into your music. Having someone like Doug who gets that behind the board is when your four chords sound like eight.
— Nik P.